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Epik High: "President Yang Hyun Suk Didn't Let Us Access the YG Recording Studios"

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Epik High's Tukutz made a surprising revelation on the latest airing of the MBC FM4U show, "Sunny's FM Date." During the opening of the program, DJ Sunny introduced Epik High as the group that is "free from its company." Sunny then opened with a question, "I heard that Yang Hyun Suk doesn't touch the three (of you) at all, is it true?" Tukutz jokingly replied, "He absolutely doesn't have any skinship (with us.) He tried to shake our hands once (though)." He then followed with a more serious reply, "We tried to book a recording studio in YG, but suddenly, from one moment, the engineers kept saying they were busy with other schedules so we couldn't use the studio. At first, we got really angry and complained, asking, 'Why is it like this?'" Tukutz added, "Later on, we learned that CEO Yang Hyun Suk was worried that Epik High would lose its color through exchanged with other YG artists. That's why they decided that we (Epik High) should not record at YG for the most part." Epik High has recently made their comeback after two years with their 8th official album, "Shoebox." The album has reached the top spot of music charts since its release.

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