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Recap: A Reunion to Remember - g.o.d 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert

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If you are a hardcore 90s K-pop fan, this is probably the reunion that you have been waiting for! And let me tell you, they came back with a hardcore BANG! After coming back with an album, a few more hit songs, and a concert in Korea, g.o.d finally came for their concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on November 7. The arena was filled with those nostalgic blue balloons and twinkling lights all around. The group performed some of their most beloved hit songs, such as "Friday Night," "One Candle," and "To Mother." But they also included their most recent songs from their album, such as "Saturday Night," "Stand Up," and "The Lone Duckling." Their songs have been and still are very popular and well-known, but because they had a variety of songs, from past and present, upbeat and slow, ultimately, it turned out to be an awesome setlist. god3 This concert was amazing and here are a few reasons why: Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young's vocals just blew the audience away. It was unbelievable at how strong their vocals were. The fans were probably just getting the chills while listening to them. And Yoon Kye SangDanny Ahn, and Park Joon Hyung's smooth voices and raps just complimented the vocals perfectly. What made it even better was that they actually had a live band that was playing throughout the concert. god1 They are the first generation of idols, so their dance moves were definitely different than the choreography from the newer groups, but their teamwork and synchronization was just perfection! They were still able to pull it off and their fans definitely enjoyed it. During the faster, upbeat songs, g.o.d really got the audience on their feet and created the perfect environment to just let loose! Many of the fans were on their feet the whole two or three hours. But, on the other hand, during their slower ballads, they were able to bring out the emotions and really touch their audience through their passionate vocals and meaningful lyrics. god2 g.o.d had great fan interaction and engagement throughout the duration of this event, creating a positive and close-knit atmosphere. It is truly amazing to see how dedicated they are towards their fans. As they taught simple dance moves to the audience, the members kept saying how their LA fans have this "groove!" They were so open and willing to even come down from the stage and touch some of their fans, who have waited so long to see them together again. The fans were amazing, too, singing along to the songs, and they just put their soul into being a part of this concert with the group. That, coupled with the energy and passion coming from the group, was amazing. Because g.o.d was having so much fun on stage and because the members were just as excited as the fans, these vibes definitely rubbed off on the crowd. They were not afraid to be quirky and weird at all! No shame whatsoever! god5 This concert was just meaningful and encouraging overall, starting from g.o.d's statements and the delivery of their lyrics. I am very familiar with their songs, but for the first time today, I realized how meaningful and emotional their lyrics are. Throughout the concert, each of the members would say something before each performance and they were all just so honest, open, and vulnerable before their fans. Each member has their own charm and they were really able to show their true selves. They just shared things about life and sincerely wanted to be an encouragement to their fans and uplift them in anyway possible. Towards the end, the members themselves started to get emotional just because this reunion concert was so close to their hearts and most importantly because they were so thankful for the love from their fans after all this time that has passed. They even came back out for a special encore at the end, which just was the cherry on top of the entire concert. god6 If you are a g.o.d fan or just a K-pop fan in general, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity to see them live. You are really reminded as to why g.o.d was so successful as artists and as a group. Not only will you get to see the fun and funny side of the group, but you get to see their real emotions and passion for their music. They were absolutely amazing!!! Next, g.o.d is headed for New Jersey! They will be performing at the Prudential Center on November 9th! It's not too late to buy your tickets! This is a concert you won't want to miss! If you attended the g.o.d concert in LA, what did you think!? Please tell us your thoughts and favorite parts below!

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