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"Mix and Match" Yang Hong Suk Sheds Tears after Saying Goodbye to Other Trainees

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YG Entertainment trainee Yang Hong Suk shed tears after he said goodbye to the other trainees who participated in the challenge to be the final members of iKON. On the latest episode of "Mix and Match" broadcasted on November 6, Yang Hong Suk participated in the final match to be a member of iKON, but was ultimately eliminated. After telling each other encouraging words and saying goodbye, the participants left their dormitory and returned home. During an interview, Yang Hong Suk said, "It was the most dynamic time I've ever had in my 21 years. I thought I wouldn't cry at the end..." As he cried, Yang Hong Suk added,"Saying goodbye is just so hard." Yang Hong Suk and Jung Jin Hyung were eliminated in the final match, as Kim Dong Hyuk became the final member of iKON. yang hong suk

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