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Fly to the Sky and Gummy to Hold Joint Concerts in December

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Ballad duo Fly to the Sky and singer Gummy will be holding a join concert series called "The Attraction" from December 23 to December 25. It is expected to be a special Christmas present for the fans of these talented singers. "The Attraction" will showcase the three singers' unique charms, as well as performances that were never seen at the artists' individual concerts. Fly to the Sky members Hwanhee and Brian will both sing their own hit songs, as Gummy will be performing a parade of her well-known songs. They will also be singing songs together. This concert series is more meaningful as the three have been close friends for over 14 years. Gummy commented, "We had our comebacks around the same time, and we were great support for each other. As a friend and a fan of Fly to the Sky, I was really looking forward to their comeback and new songs. I'm happy to be having the same stage as them, and I think it will be very meaningful." Fly to the Sky also added, "Gummy has great charisma and she really owns the stage. She's especially exceptional at interacting with the audience. We're very happy to be collaborating with her on this concert."

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