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Yearbook Awards: The Best of "King of High School"


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"King of High School" was a charming glass of cola, with our capable hero living the life of a high school student by day, and an impressive retail executive - also, by day. From the first episode, the drama captured remarkably genuine moments, skipping along to the resounding heartbeat of its characters.

There were definitely too many superlatives to name them all. Let’s take a look at who takes home the top honors in Best Dressed, Best Bros, and Best Smile! 

lee soo hyuk

1. Best Dressed:  Director Yoo Jin Woo

Played by model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk, Director Yoo Jin Woo wins this category, hands down. He commanded the room in meticulously tailored suits and pristine ties, a polished look apropos for his sophisticated character. He is all business and his fashion game is always on. (No doubt a little love from the Seoul-based Tailorable & Co., had something to do with it.)

lee soo hyuk

seo in guk

2. Best Smile: Lee Min Suk 

Seo In Guk’s portrayal of Lee Min Suk, our young hero with a double life, radiated such warmth in that Cheshire cat grin of his, it was easy to forget about any of his flaws. His boyish laughter, his poking fun at Jung Soo Young, all his goofiness was loads of fun to watch.

seo in guk

Runner-Up: Yoo Jin Woo

When the frosty prince of Comfo smiles in such a rare moment, how can you not appreciate such a beautiful thing? (Hey, those grins may have been sparse, but they were extraordinary.)

lee soo hyuk

jo han chul

3. Most Likely To Have A Heart Attack: Team Leader Kim 

Meet Team Leader Kim, the most stressed out dude on the planet. Every scene with his panicky dialogue delivered by actor Jo Han Chul was golden, from his distraught moments in the Comfo office to his fidgety composure officiating Lee Min Suk’s wedding. (Actors who share the screen with him are certainly at risk for getting upstaged by such a mighty comedic talent.)

Signature catchphrase: “Why are you doing this to me? Why?”

jo han chul

Runner Up: Managing Director Han

He was a harsh bundle of nerves, our draconian Managing Director Han (played by Kim Won Hae). He had a testy disposition and barked enough at Team Leader Kim to prove it.  He kept on about his blood pressure, but I thought he’d get a couple ulcers on top of it.  

kim won hae

kang ki young and lee tae hwan

4. Best Bros: Oh Tae Suk and Jo Duk Hwan

How could you not love these guys? Oh Tae Suk (played by Lee Tae Hwan)  and Jo Duk Hwan (Kang Ki Young) were the best friends Min Suk could have ever had. If they weren’t helping him skip out of class, they were covering for him at hockey games and dodging questions from Yoo Ah, or even consoling his noona girlfriend at their local Chinese resto hangout. No matter what happened, you could always count on these guys to have your back.

Remember when Min Suk injured his shoulder? His bros stood in the rain and mourned with him. Aw. Can you guys be my best friends, too?

king of high school bros

Runner-Up: Team Leader Kim and Lee Min Suk.

Team Leader Kim and Min Suk’s sweet dichotomy of strung out agitation paired with youthful exuberance had a blossoming chemistry, from beginning to end.

seo in guk and jo han chul

lee ha na

5. Nicest: Jung Soo Young

Our resident popcorn sister, played by Lee Ha Na, was also the nicest girl around. She buys a birthday cake for awkward work acquaintance Yoo Jin Woo, comes to the aide of a fellow co-worker, and befriends Min Suk’s grandpa.

Regardless of how much nonsense gets pushed onto her, she still thinks the best of people.

lee yeol um

6. Most Persistent: Yoo Ah. 

Damn, this girl’s got ovaries. Top honors for Most Persistent goes to Yoo Ah, played by Lee Yeol Um. This fervent high schooler fears no one and nothing, and isn’t afraid to ask for (or demand) what she wants. (She is affectionately saved as ‘Stalker’ in Lee Min Suk’s phone.) Her earnestness puts many to shame. This little bugger will run past office security, get a part-time job to get her crush some new skates, or form an alliance with Director Yoo (whom she fondly calls rice cake ahjussi) to source information (and then get him to lend her bus fare).

Signature catchphrase: “Hubby Lee!” 

lee yeol um and lee soo hyuk

han jin hee

7. Worst Temper aka Meanest Dude on the Block: President Yoo

The head of Comfo was one sinister force. This brute (portrayed by Han Jin Hee) was unbelievably cold and callous, particularly to his son, Director Yoo. He yelled so much I’d tell him to go suck it. If I crossed paths with him on the street, I’d cross the street. If we ran into each other at the grocery store, I’d pretend that we didn’t know each other.

ji yoon ho

Runner-Up: Hockey Sunbae (on Lee Min Suk’s hockey team)

That hockey sunbae Park Ki Hoon (played by Ji Yoon Ho) could shoot icicles - you could feel the chill of his icy stare cling onto you from across the room. (Was torn between him and Yoo Ah, but since Yoo Ah already received top honors in another category, counted her out of this one.)

Who would you vote for Best Smile? Best Bros? Best Couple? What were some of your favorite moments?

lee soo hyuk and seo in guk

king of high school

king of high school

king of high school

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