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Celebrities Show Support for MC Mong, Fans Lash Back

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Supportive messages posted by various celebrities for MC Mong's latest comeback have met with criticism from fans. On November 3, MC Mong released his sixth album "Miss Me or Diss Me" after a five years hiatus. He is currently banned from several broadcasting networks for dodging his mandatory military service. Composer duo Duble Sidekick posted encouraging words of support for MC Mong to their social media sites, while Baek Ji Young took to her instagram to support her friend. "You've been through a lot, Mong," she said, "good words, bad words, engrave all of them onto your heart. And make them into music." g.o.d's Kim Tae Woo also posted, "Our Mong hyung is finally back into the world. I know better than anyone that you've only thought about this music you wanted people to hear for the last five years. It's an awesome album. I'm proud of you. Hwaiting." HaHa posted on his Twitter account a link to the music video for the title single with a message that read, "Friend... I've missed you." However, fans were not impressed by these celebrities' support for MC Mong. "Infinity Challenge" fans took to the show's message board to critize HaHa, leaving messages like "I'm disappointed," and "Don't be a burden to 'Infinity Challenge.'" Fans left disapproving comments on Baek Ji Young's post as well, to which she responded, "I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. But it took me a lot of courage to post this message for my junior as well, please understand."

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