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Top 10 K-Drama Moments Of The Week - November Week 1

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We don't know what will persuade some of you to check out any of the current K-drama offerings, but Couch Kimchi's top 10 is always a good place to start. So, get plugged into the unique charm of these shows! 1. "Pride and Prejudice": Let's do it

MBC's "Pride and Prejudice" began this week, and the sparks are already flying between the lead couple.

When he meets Han Yeol Moo again after five years, Dong Chi offers her a fruit tray that another woman gave him, lectures her about using banmal, checks if her chest has gotten any bigger, and then, asks if she wants to "do it." That's all on the first day? Slow down, buddy!

2. "Misaeng": This is why I work here

Being a manager comes with a lot of responsibility and the occasional stressful letdowns, and one particular failed business deal has caused Oh Sang Sik to question his confidence in his job. However, his family comes through for him at the end of the day, as his wife e-mails him a video of their son dressed like a businessman during a show and tell about heroes. As he and his colleagues proudly watch his son make a passionate presentation and bark orders like his father, Manager Oh is happily reminded of why he's doing what he's doing.

3. "My Spring Day": You can make it!

Walking a path on the windy hills of Udo Island, Bom Yi, who is in pain, feels that she won't reach the end. So, Dong Ha piggybacks her 98% of the way. For the remaining 2%, he encourages her go it alone. He waits at the top, saying, “Look at me. You can do it.”

The moment gives a depressed and listless Bom Yi confidence, and at the same time, it lets her know that with his strength, she could trust in his support.


4. "Birth of a Beauty": I will get you

Geun Ran's in-laws consider her a fool, turning her into a maid in the seven years her husband was abroad and approving of his affair with a more "appropriate" woman upon his return. Hence, it's no surprise that they aren't the least bit affected at her "funeral." However, a fool for seven years doesn't have to be a fool forever, so, we cheered for Geun Ran when she watched her husband's unemotional face and decided to get revenge. Atta girl!


5. "Tomorrow Cantabile": Jealousy made me do it

Yoo Jin might have to pay more attention to Naeil as he has a romantic rival in Yoon Hoo.

Too preoccupied with his thoughts, Yoo Jin ignores Naeil and callously pushes her away, not realizing she has fallen to the ground. If Yoo Jin planned to help her, then he was taking his time, as Yoon Ho arrives to carry out the gentlemanly deed. This and because a jealous Yoo Jin acts like a neanderthal afterwards, staking a claim on Naeil as though she were his lunch, we think we might be rooting for Yoon Hoo for a while.


6. "Misaeng": Seeing hearts

We love this show so much, probably as much as Jang Geu Rae hearts Manager Oh. LOL.

After a missing document gives Sales Team 3 another hell of a day at work, Manager Oh asks Geu Rae to join him for drinks. To the young newbie, the invitation is like a marriage proposal as he imagines the bokeh city lights behind his boss reshaped into hearts.

This is a scene that needs to be repeated, not only because those hearts are easy to miss, but it's another funny yet endearing moment between the two men.


7. "The Greatest Marriage": Tasty tears

While explaining to Pedro that Eun Cha slept with her and then dumped her, Sun Nyeo wipes her eyes with a napkin her emergency rental husband gives her.

Unbeknownst to her, the napkin is soiled with ketchup, which ends up smearing under her eyes. We don't know how Pedro held it back, but we could've died laughing!


8. "Secret Door": When betrayal is good

Lee Sun wants nothing more than to support his father in being a good king to his people, even contemplating ignoring his father's past crimes. However, there is a limit to everything, and the king crosses the line when he decides to kill everyone who read the novel detailing his corruption. Unable to overlook his father commit another atrocity, Lee Sun confronts him with the truth.

Lee Sun shouldn't have to choose between being a good son and being a good prince to his people, but without question, he's made the right choice.


9. "Iron Man": There's only one

It’s hard to compete with a dead first love, especially one who returns alive, but it is Se Dong who proves to be the only one for Hong Bin.

After he discovers Tae Hee is alive, Hong Bin confronts her for faking her death. However, seeing her again makes him realize it is Se Dong whom he truly loves.


10. "The Legendary Witch": Talking hollow

In prison, you are only as big as you say you are. This past week we got a good laugh as we watched the older female inmates posturing and acting tough, when Bok Nyeo knew the head of the big talking crew was simply a petty crook with no big gangster husband to speak of.

That's it for this week's top 10, but pipe up with your favorite scenes from your favorite dramas!

Check in again next time!

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