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Man Crush Monday: "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin!" Shin Joon Ho

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Following behind our previous Man Crush Monday's Lee Gun from "Fated to Love You" and Do Min Joon from "My Love From the Stars" is Shin Joon Ho, the handsome and successful CEO of Gabi Entertainment from "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin!" On the exterior, this workaholic is overconfident and arrogant, aloof and dedicated, but all it takes is a single person and a handful of fated encounters to change him. Or rather, to bring the hidden aspects of Shin Joon Ho to the surface because our cocky CEO actually possesses a heart of gold. Now, let's take a look at the five reasons that make him unique and swoon worthy in this week's edition of Man Crush Monday (spoilers ahead):

1. Shin Joon Ho is adorkably awkward.

Shin Joon Ho Awkward Yes, adorkably. Because he's the perfect combination of adorable, dorky, and awkward. Rather than be the perfectly suave man at all times, Shin Joon Ho has frequent bouts of embarrassing moments that make him super endearing and fun to be around. He trips all the time, gets caught speechless, stutters almost incoherently, or just straight up gets put in uncomfortable situations. Shin Joon Ho also has a habit of acting out scenarios beforehand in order to give off a "cool as a cucumber" attitude, but despite his efforts, it seems like he is always doomed to lose face... or to lose the shirt right off his back! Ha!

2. Shin Joon Ho knows about success... and failure.

Shin Joon Ho Success Unlike many other CEOs we see, Shin Joon Ho did not inherit or get passed his position in the company. Rather than becoming a dermatologist like his famed father and taking over his family's hospital, Shin Joon Ho shattered the bond with his father in order to pave his own path in life. Experiencing brief success before plummeting to failure as a singer-songwriter, Shin Joon Ho eventually built his talent agency, Gabi Entertainment, himself from the ground up through sheer determination and hard work. Because of this, Shin Joon Ho knows and understands both sides of the same coin. It is due to his past experience that he has the ability to foresee potential troubles for his talents and can avoid them from the beginning. Furthermore, Shin Joon Ho has the ability to be on familiar grounds with his talents since he was once what he is now molding them to be. Rather than taking the instructions of someone who has never been in their shoes, his talents would be comfortable knowing that their CEO has the skills and experience necessary to truly bring success. In the end, Shin Joon Ho proves there is legitimacy behind the fact that he's said to possess the Midas' touch, where everything he touches becomes gold. One of the greatest examples would be none other than Lee Soon Shin, the woman who went from zero potential to top super star while under his care.

3. Shin Joon Ho has an endless supply of determination.

Shin Joon Ho Determined Going hand in hand with success and failure, his determination is a large part of what makes Shin Joon Ho such a victorious CEO. In the past, his resolve stemmed from being disregarded from his past love once she found her fame and he proved his worth by building his Gabi Entertainment. In the present, his determination comes from persuading Lee Soon Shin to sign on as an actress in training. Although Shin Joon Ho's initial persistence was due to his past love's gloating that he didn't really possess any skills, it soon became something much more. He truly saw potential in Lee Soon Shin and wants to see her succeed. He saw the happiness radiating from her during her training and the way she blossomed before his very eyes. When he finally broke through her defensive barriers and knocked down her low self-esteem as well as the negativity that follows behind Lee Soon Shin, he realized there was much more to her than meets the eye. It's no wonder that he fell for her... and she for him!

4. He's a romantic!

Shin Joon Ho Love Romantic men makes my heart flutter and Shin Joon Ho is absolutely squeal worthy when he's in love! He infectiously smiles like a giddy school boy and he'll drive or travel any distance just to catch a glimpse of your face for a few minutes. In spite of his busy schedule, he's never too busy to be with you. Shin Joon Ho knows how to have fun and isn't afraid of showing you off as his girlfriend to the world. He's easily jealous, but in an amusing way, and he cares more about you above all else. He does his best to protect you, although sometimes that means taking the cowardly alternative, but he means well and it's nothing a good argument in your own defense can't solve to bring him back to his senses. Most importantly, he effortlessly thinks about the future with you and he'll do his best to get on your family's good side. All in all, this guy is a definite keeper!

5. Shin Joon Ho knows the meaning of true friendship.

Shin Joon Ho Friends Despite all the schemes she cooked up and even with the dating scandal that his ex-girlfriend put him through, Shin Joon Ho always gave her multiple opportunities to be the better person by clearing the situation with the truth. He didn't want to tarnish her reputation as a respectable actress and woman, so even if it was against his better judgement, he wanted to give her a chance. She never took them, but Shin Joon Ho proved that even to a woman like her, he knew how to be a true friend. His long friendship with Kim Young Hoon, the owner of the cafe located inside Gabi Entertainment, is further proof of how much Shin Joon Ho respects the connections and ties he has made with people since his youth. Even the bromance with his secretary and right hand man, Jo In Sung, is sweet, if not downright hysterically funny. Still, it's always reassuring to know that the friends you make can last a lifetime and a man who knows to cherish that is just another reason why he is crush worthy.

Bonus Reason

Shin Joon Ho can serenade me any day! You know the drill, folks! How crush worthy did you find Shin Joon Ho and which reason was your favorite? Who is your Man Crush Monday? Let us know in the comments below as next week's Man Crush Monday will be a special one and I'm fairly certain you don't want to miss out on a chance to participate and have your voice be heard! That's right! Next week's Man Crush Monday will be a mystery reveal - a man chosen from a random draw... based on your votes from this article, as well as the previous two articles. Which lucky man will be featured next week is up to you, so be sure to let us know! [tv]Catch Shin Joon Ho's adorkable antics right here on SoompiTV![/tv]

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