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Luhan Makes First Public Appearance Since His Departure from EXO

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Since his departure from EXO, Luhan has finally stepped into the public eye by making an appearance at the press conference for his upcoming movie in China. On November 2, a Chinese media outlet reported on the press conference that was held on this day for the Chinese remake of “Miss Granny.” According to this outlet, “Luhan, who filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, made his first official public appearance. He was dressed in a dark green suit and greeted countless fans.” About his debut movie, Luhan shared, “Because it was my first time filming [a movie], I’m very nervous and a little excited. Everything felt new so it was fun. Acting is quite thrilling.” On the topic of his character, he explained, “[My character] isn’t that much different from me, the way [he] gave all his strength for music.” One of his co-stars complimented his acting, saying, “[Luhan’s] acting was very natural and it didn’t seem like it was his first time acting.” On this day, Luhan also posted on his personal Weibo, “Please show a lot of interest in my first movie. I will continue to work hard in the future.” luhanSource (1)

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