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Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru Get Excited Over a Regional Delicacy on "Superman Returns"

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In the latest episode of KBS2TV's "Superman Returns," Epik High's Tablo, actress Kang Hye Jung, and their daughter Haru went on a family trip to Damyang, a county famous for its bamboo trees. After enjoying their time in the bamboo forests and doing sightseeing, the family headed to a restaurant that soon became the highlight of the day. Their meal was presented in a six-meter tall bamboo tree, which had first been cut in half and then filled with various delicious ingredients, and finally steamed for four hours. As three waitresses carried the meal to the table, the whole family was in total awe over the incredible presentation of the dishes. Staring at the food, Tablo could not hold back his excitement and said, "I am the happiest person in the world." As it was finally time to dig in, the food started to disappear at a rapid pace. Seeing her mother enjoying the food, Haru said to Kang Hye Jung, "Mom! Next time, I will prepare this to you using a tree taller than the sky!" and touched both parents with her sweet words. "Superman Returns" airs on Sundays at 4:50 p.m. tablo haru kang hye jung

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