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Nam Goong Min Prepares Heartfelt Event for Hong Jin Young to Celebrate 200 Days Together on “We Got Married”

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On the November 1 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married,” cameras showed singer Hong Jin Young and actor Nam Goong Min spending time with one another in celebration of the couple’s 200 days together. During this episode, the two of them were seen lying down on the bed together. Nam Goong Min asked his virtual wife if she has ever watched the movie called “La Boum,” and asked her to close her eyes as he placed earphones into her ears. Although Hong Jin Young had expected music to come out of the earphones, she was surprised to hear her virtual husband’s voice instead. The recording of Nam Goong Min's voice expressed his feelings on being together for 200 days, saying, “You’ve become like a source of vitamins for me, as you always smile and give me strength, even when I’m having a hard time or feeling frustrated. The way you spoke was surprising to me at first, but at some point, it became familiar and natural. I think that’s how much I care for you. Let’s continue to make good memories together.” Watch the clip below: we got married [tv]You can watch "We Got Married" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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