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Highlights: "My Lovely Girl" Episodes 12 and 13

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This week’s episodes featured some long-awaited revelations, and the necessary painful fall-out. None of our characters is especially happy right now, but here’s hoping that next week (the final three episodes!) gives them a chance to find some joy. These were my favorite scenes from this week’s episodes of “My Lovely Girl”:

1. Se Na and Shi Woo’s contract

The contract that Shi Woo writes to guarantee his continued partnership with Se Na really reminds me of Shi Woo himself—messy and blunt, but with an overwhelming earnestness and charm. my lovely girl 12:13 contract final

2. Se Na finally finds out

Watching episode 12 was a bit like watching a car crash—I knew what was going to happen, but I really wanted all parties to make it out with as few injuries as possible. But Hyun Wook and his inability to tell the truth made that impossible. Knowing that Se Na was coming closer and closer to finding out the truth about So Eun, he decided that, instead of coming clean and at least letting her hear it from him, it would be better for them to move to America together. That is a man dedicated to keeping his lie alive. And honestly, I understand why he was reluctant—he let his deception of Se Na last for so long that he had reached the point where regardless of how she found out, she would be hurt and angry. But it was still painful to watch Se Na finally figure out the connection with no help from Hyun Wook. my lovely girl 12:13 krystal final

3. Dal Bong update: he’s looking healthy!

There wasn’t a huge amount of dog action this week, but when Dal Bong showed up onscreen, he looked both happy and healthy, and even barked loudly when Hyun Wook wasn’t paying attention to him. This week’s episodes were mostly angsty, so the ray of sunshine that is Dal Bong was a welcome relief. my lovely girl 12:13 dal bong final

4. The odd-couple subplot of Director Kang and Hee Sun

The antics of Director Kang and Hyun Wook’s stepmother Hee Sun served as another relief from the angst. I’m honestly surprised by how happy I am whenever the two of them are onscreen together. Their scenes range from the absurdly comical to the serious (as with the scene in episode 13, in which they discuss Hee Sun’s husband’s possible infidelity and just how she should get back at him), but the actors have a really fun, relaxed chemistry. To be sure, their subplot doesn’t amount to much, but it’s a great palate cleanser. my lovely girl 12:13 kim hye eun jo hee bong final

5. Gong Chul visits Hyun Wook

Hyun Wook received a lot of advice in episode 13 on how to deal with Se Na finding out the truth, but this scene was far and away my favorite. Gong Chul, Se Na’s aspiring model roommate, has always been a reliable source of silly comedy, but I was genuinely howling when he went to Hyun Wook’s house, told him to apologize to Se Na, and took advantage of the opportunity to pass on some of his headshots. my lovely girl 12:13 rain park doo shik final Let us know what you thought of this week's episodes in the comments! [tv] Don't forget to watch "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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