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[Contest] Have a Creepy #Hallyuween With Soompi

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When someone says “horror,” you have to think of Korea - the home of such powerhouse films as “A Tale of Two Sisters,” “I Saw The Devil,” and “Old Boy.” Looking to be creeped out for a few days (or months)? Catch a Korean horror film and give up on sleep - in the name of Halloween! Soompi is here to help you get your horror fix and get some free stuff! Check out our list of horror films/dramas to catch this week and share your favorite horrors through our #Hallyuween Contest at the bottom!

1. “February 29th


Abandoned, dark highways? Creepy. Working in a tollgate and being handed a bloody ticket? Creepy. Discovering that you are likely the target for a gruesome murder that happens every four years without fail? Very, very creepy.

2. “Black House" black-house-1

Bumbling insurance salesman Juno just wanted to make sure a family hadn’t murdered their son to receive a payout. How was he supposed to know that not only did the family murder their son, but also dozens of other people and have no qualms about killing Juno himself?

3. “Howlinghowling-1

If you love dogs, this is probably not the best movie for you. Imagine a dog-wolf hybrid raised for the sole purpose of getting rid of his master’s enemies - in the most gruesome ways possible? Well, that is this movie.

4. “Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective” 


This one is a 10-episode drama - but full of the creepiest ghosts and a very obviously evil demon. Aided by the ghost of a high school girl, Detective Cheo Yong is tasked with solving mysterious deaths through the help of the ghosts of the deceased. The only problem - there’s a demon out there trying to kill both Cheo Yong and his colleagues.

5. “Ghost House” 


Now for a lighter Halloween recommendation - starring Cha Seung Won as a desperate house owner willing to compete with a ghost over the rights to his property! hallyu-ween-banner


To win either a premium subscription to SoompiTV or a CD of your choice from Soompi Shop (up to $20USD):
  1. Follow Soompi on Twitter!
  2. Tweet @Soompi with your FAVORITE Korean Horror film/drama/music video! Remember to use the hashtag #Hallyuween!
  3. Ends Friday night at Midnight PST! Winners will be randomly chosen and we’ll direct message the winners on Monday - you must respond within 24 hours of the Twitter DM!
Good luck and have a Happy Hallyuween~!

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