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Woman Crush Wednesday: "Coffee Prince's" Go Eun Chan

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Last week, our first edition of Woman Crush Wednesday featured Geum Jan Di from "Boys Over Flowers." Known for being a walking contradiction, tough as nails but fragile like glass, Geum Jan Di brightened the screen for most who watched her in action. This week, our featured woman is just as strong, adorable, charismatic, and oh-so-crush worthy. If you guessed Go Eun Chan from "Coffee Prince," you'd be correct! Since 2007, Go Eun Chan has been winning hearts, male and female alike, with her love for family, friends, and... money? She's so busy with working all her odd jobs and supporting her family that she doesn't have the time to be self-conscious of her image or to think about ridiculous things such as love. But sometimes, it's when you least expect it that love will suddenly begin to knock on your front door. Now, let's count to five together and see what makes Go Eun Chan this week's Woman Crush Wednesday (spoilers ahead):

1. Go Eun Chan is hardworking.

Go Eun Chan Jobs Having been her family's sole breadwinner since the age of sixteen, Go Eun Chan is one of the most hardworking gals I've ever seen, especially when her mother has a frustrating knack for spending money she doesn't have on nice, pretty things. The length Go Eun Chan is willing to go in order to secure a job, any job, to help her troublesome family is truly admirable. (Because, quite frankly, if I were in Go Eun Chan's shoes and I had a mother with a reckless spending addiction and an airy sister with her head permanently stuck up in the clouds, my family oriented self would still have said, "See you later, buddy, and good luck! Let's catch up on the good times when you've actually learned how to be an adult.") But from food deliverer to Taekwondo teacher, server and barista to chestnut peeler, doll sewer to milk deliverer, and even pretending to be Choi Han Kyul's gay lover, she has done it all. Never once did she complain about her lot in life, and Go Eun Chan only tirelessly strived to do her best. That is true dedication!

2. Go Eun Chan is just one of the guys.

Go Eun Chan Bromance_1 She's a female that rocks the bromances. It's such a joy to see her laughing and smiling, hanging out and getting rough with the rest of the Coffee Prince team as an equal in every single way. The fact that she respects them and vice versa speaks of a deep brotherhood that lasts for a lifetime and that is definitely something to cherish. Go Eun Chan isn't afraid to get down and dirty, to give it all she's got, and to break out in sweat like a normal human being. Her super strength is also a bonus and if you're ever worried about getting so drunk, you can't even walk a single step or moving from one place to another, don't you worry. Go Eun Chan to the rescue!

3. The way Go Eun Chan eats...

Go Eun Chan Eating There's actually something quite endearing about the way Go Eun Chan eats. It's hysterical, adorable, and yet... utterly mesmerizing. Normally, watching someone shoveling food in their mouth like they haven't eaten in days would probably make me wrinkle my nose in disgust, but for Go Eun Chan, it's strangely charming. No matter she's eating, she manages to make it look like the best and most delicious food in the world - and maybe it is. (You never know!) I suppose it is this form of self-confidence that had Choi Han Kyul falling for her, even when he thought Go Eun Chan was a man, and, subsequently, becoming tormented with questions on his sexuality. Regardless of how cute she looks with chipmunk cheeks and storing food away for the winter, I'm straddling the line between a squeal of horror and a laugh of amusement whenever Go Eun Chan simply brushes off the surface of the food that had fallen on the floor.... and eating it. Yes, eating it.

4. Go Eun Chan stays simplistically optimistic.

Go Eun Chan Optimistic There are a multitude of ways one can see bubble wrap: an annoyance, childish fun, or perfect for wrapping that item you're mailing to a friend. For Go Eun Chan; however, it's a stress reliever. There was a genuine, but childlike, joy that lit up her entire face when she spotted a piece of that plastic wrap wedged between some trash bags. In fact, so much importance was placed on popping the air bubbles that Go Eun Chan even sacrificed the sheet by handing it off for someone else to "relieve stress" and watching with glee as he stared at the bubble wrap in his hand with amused surprise. She finds the most basic form of happiness from playing (really badly!) Choi Han Sung's musical instruments, riding in a car with the hood down, spending time at the beach, playing with toys or splashing around in the public water fountain. Spending time at the coffee shop surrounded by her brothers and her love, Choi Han Kyul, she's even happier. She doesn't take anything for granted and always tries to look at situations from a positive perspective. Having such a great attitude is automatically a people magnet!

5. Go Eun Chan is a positive role model.

Go Eun Chan When I say role model, I'm not talking about dressing yourself in cheap clothing where the only requirement is that it fits, picking food from the ground that you accidentally dropped and still eating it after trying to brush the bacteria off, or passing yourself off as a man - or woman. By role model, I mean showing the world that every woman does not have to be the stereotypical beautiful, feminine, and accomplished woman in order to succeed in life. Or that every man does not have to be the stereotypical male with muscles and money and chiseled features. I'm talking about how Go Eun Chan had the capabilities to show that it's okay to be yourself, to be comfortable in your own skin, and to love yourself for the person you are. That no matter what qualities you may or may not possess, you will still have family and friends and even love. You don't have to hide behind a fabrication of yourself in hopes of capturing someone's attention and you don't have to pretend to be anything so you can succeed. Just be yourself. That's all you need.

Bonus Reason

Go Eun Chan can, apparently, make the perfect cup of coffee! As a coffee addict (I don't need help. Really!), bonus points for that skill alone is well deserved. Go Eun Chan Coffee So, what are your thoughts on Go Eun Chan as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday? Who would you like to see getting featured next? As always, let us know by posting a comment below and stay tuned for next week's Woman Crush Wednesday! [tv]See if you can spot any more reasons to love Go Eun Chan by watching "Coffee Prince" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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