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Highlights: "Liar Game" Episode 3

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Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from “Liar Game.” But these first three episodes have been tremendous fun. Yes, it’s a thriller, and there are many moments that have me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, but that’s not all there is to this drama. It’s exciting and funny and has a cast of fascinating characters. In short, it’s a wonderfully pleasant surprise. These were my five favorite scenes from episode three of “Liar Game”:

1. Woo Jin meets with Goo Ja Young

Woo Jin is such a great character, because it’s impossible to take my eyes off him even though I rarely know why he’s doing anything. He’s difficult to read, but that just makes me want to understand him more! I really liked watching his meeting with Ja Young, a former classmate who is now a journalist, because we get to see him interact with someone who knew him before he went to prison. What’s more, Ja Young wants to find out more about Woo Jin’s motivations. I’m really looking forward to watching her process of discovery. liar game 3 lee sang yoon choi yoon so final

2. The conversation between Do Young and Lee PD

Speaking of interesting characters… I really love this partnership between Do Young and Lee PD, because we see that even though they work together on the show “Liar Game”, they’re coming at it from vastly different places. Lee PD just wants to make a good reality show. Do Young’s motivations are much less clear, though he gives both Lee PD and the audience a hint in this scene, comparing “Liar Game” to the Roman Colosseum—a shiny bit of entertainment for the citizens of a dying empire. Wow. The more this guy says, the more scared I am—and the more I want to know. liar game 3 shin sung rok cha soo yun final

3. Let’s get to know each other!

Like I said, this drama can be really funny, and this scene on the bus, where one eager contestant tries to start a round of introductions, was especially hilarious. It’s a short scene, but I really loved it. liar game 3 bus scene final

4. The “Minority Game”

Round two of “Liar Game” is completely different than round one. Now, in the “Minority Game”, contestants have to answer yes or no to a question—but only those who vote for the less popular option win. It’s such a cool idea, because it’s easy to see how hard it would be. I almost gave myself a headache trying to figure out how I would vote for the first question (“Have you ever killed somebody?”). It’s the sort of game where you can endlessly second-guess yourself (think “The Princess Bride” and “Death Note”), but as a viewer I found it engrossing. liar game 3 minority game final

5. Woo Jin isn’t Da Jung’s enemy—for now

Even though they are now both contestants, Da Jung and Woo Jin are working together in the “Minority Game”, which is great because I love watching these two interact. Even better was how Da Jung made Woo Jin clarify their relationship—she needed to hear him say that they weren’t enemies. He may be much better than her at the “Liar Game”, but she doesn’t let him walk all over her, and I love that. liar game 3 lee sang yoon kim so eun final What did you think about “Liar Game” episode three? Let us know in the comments! [tv] Don't forget to watch "Liar Game" on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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