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Hong Jong Hyun Wants to Stay Close to Yura Even When "We Got Married" Ends

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Model and actor Hong Jong Hyun talked about what he hopes will happen when his virtual marriage with Girl's Day's Yura ends. In an interview with Mydaily, Hong Jong Hyun could only smile as he talked about his TV wife. "She's really innocent and kind. I like how she accepts and likes anything that I do. She's so kind and innocent that she can't really express herself when she doesn't like something. Yura's energy is really good, and when we're together I have a lot of fun." Hong Jong Hyun is more than aware of how cold and quiet he comes off on screen. "People misunderstand me because I naturally have a non-expressive, quiet and still personality. I hear misunderstandings like, 'Is this boring,' 'Are you uncomfortable,' and 'Do you want to go home?" The truth is, I'm more of the type to listen than to talk a lot. So I try to be more expressive. Instead of trying to force the expressions I try to think, 'I should express what I think and feel to Yura'." http://tv.soompi.com/en/shows/we-got-married?utm_source=soompi&utm_medium=/2014/10/27/recap-we-got-married-episode-243-the-ice-man-the-cheese-ball-and-the-husband/&utm_content=we-got-married&utm_campaign=show As much as he cherishes the relationship he has with Yura, all good things must come to end. Hong Jong Hyun knows that one day their relationship will end. "It's inevitable that the program will end, but I think I'll still keep in touch with Yura. Even though it is a fake marriage, we have been together for a few months now and become affectionate, and we will continue to be affectionate. I do think about the end, and I think it will be sad. Even though the show will end, it's not like we're really breaking up or getting a divorce. We have had great memories and worked together, and we will continue to support each other. I think I'll congratulate them when a Girl's Day's album comes out. We will even meet up once in awhile to eat." [tv]You can watch Hong Jong Hyun and Yura on "We Got Married" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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