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Alone or Together with Krystal? L Holds Party for Successful Debut in "My Lovely Girl" Preview

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The makers of SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” have released still photos of Infinite star L ahead of the October 29 edition of the drama. The photographs show L smiling gently as he holds a large cake that appears to be adorned with a single candle. Viewers of the show will be intrigued by the picture. In the last episode of the show, L’s character had just completed his successful solo debut, and had suggested to the character played by f(x) member Krystal that they have a party to celebrate. However, viewers may recall that he was turned down in that episode. The cake is a clue that seems to suggest that the party might yet go ahead, and that the love story between the two characters might be in for a new development on the next episode of the program. “My Lovely Girl” continues on October 29 at 10 p.m. [tv]Remember that you can watch “My Lovely Girl” on SoompiTV! [/tv]


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