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Actress Go Sung Hee Opens Up About Her Friendship with Ladies’ Code’s RiSe

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Actress Go Sung Hee, who appeared in the MBC drama “The Night Watchman,” recently opened up about her friendship with the late RiSe of Ladies’ Code, and how she came to find out about her tragic passing. On October 27, Go Sung Hee sat down for an interview with Star News, during which she shared about her relationship with RiSe. The actress explained, “Both as an actress doing ‘The Night Watchman,’ and just as a person, there were so many things happening to me. While filming for the drama, I had to send off two people that I love to heaven. One was my cousin, and the other was Ladies’ Code’s RiSe.” It is said that Go Sung Hee and RiSe were very close friends who relied on one another during hard and difficult times. Go Sung Hee first met RiSe while they were both under KeyEast, and at the time, the two of them practiced together as they prepared to debut in a girl group. However, Go Sung Hee left KeyEast to follow her dream of becoming an actress and ended up making her acting debut with another agency, and RiSe also debuted as a member of a girl group under another agency. The actress recalled her memories with RiSe: “Our personalities matched well so we always stuck together, through thick and through thin with one another. I went on my first-ever trip to Japan with RiSe and slept at her home.” Go Sung Hee also confessed, “When I heard the news about RiSe that day, it was so hard [to take in]. I couldn’t come to my senses because I was so sad and I was struggling. The day that I found out about RiSe, there were so many scenes that I had to film. Before I started shooting, I had no confidence and I couldn’t stop crying. My thoughts were filled with RiSe and I hated the fact that I needed to overcome that and act. I hated myself, and for the first time, I hated acting. I still haven’t been able to properly say goodbye to RiSe. When I have time to catch my breath, I’m going to visit her.”

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