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Production Team Behind “Superman Returns” Reveals Min Gook as the Most Loved Triplet by the Staff

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Producer Kang Bong Kyu of KBS’s variety show, “Superman Returns,” recently mentioned the staff’s love towards Min Gook, the second triplet of actor Song Il Gook. In a recent interview with Newsen, Producer Kang Bong Kyu commented, “Min Gook receives lot of love from the staff members. When there’s a break from recording you can hear the staff members seriously argue over who Min Gook likes best among them.” He continued, “I’m also a second sibling in my family and second siblings kind of have the same personality. There’s something about them that work to get loved by the people around them. Maybe it’s because Min Gook is also second but I think he knows how to get loved. He also has a quality that attracts people’s hearts.” 1027 triplets stills 2 With regards to Man Se, Producer Kang Bong Kyu also mentioned, “If Min Gook is the lovable one, Man Se is the one that knows how a variety show works. We all have a lot of fun while we film for the show.” Meanwhile, Song Il Gook’s triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, are garnering much popularity from viewers of KBS’s “Superman Returns,” which airs every Sunday. Who’s a fan of the triplets?

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