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Recap: "We Got Married" - The Ice Man, the Cheese Ball, and the Husband

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The Soompi "We Got Married" recaps are back! It's been many months since the last recap, but let's jump right in. We have three couples: Actor Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day's Yura, actors Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, actor Nam Goong Min and Trot singer Hong Jin Young. To get a better understanding of the couples, let's take a closer look at the husbands.

Hong Jong Hyun - The Ice Man

we got married Yura is the loud and bubble idol while Hong Jong Hyun is the quiet handsome actor who just leans a little bit away when Yura starts playfully hitting him. It's not that Jong Hyun doesn't have a sense of humor, sometimes he can be quite witty, it's just that his initial reaction is to not say much. In episode 243, Jong Hyun takes Yura back to his school and reveals that he has always been quiet. Even his homeroom teacher admits that he doesn't quite remember him that much because he was so quiet. However, his old boss (from when the actor worked at a pizza restaurant) tells Yura that Jong Hyun used to be a lot of fun so why is he so boring on that show? Can we talk about high school Jong Hyun for a second? He has his model looks, he responsibly rode a motorcycle to school, and he was in the top percentage of his class. That sounds more like an anime character than an actual high school boy. I'm trying to imagine Jong Hyun in a high school uniform, quietly doing his school work with his helmet resting at his feet. There's no way he didn't have tons of his girl classmates falling in love with him. we got married In both episodes 242 and 243, Yura laments that her husband isn't very affectionate, and I get the feeling that this is something that she talks about regularly on the show. Sometimes it does look like Jong Hyun isn't as invested into their relationship as Yura, but he does admit that he needs to try a little harder. He even tries to give Yura an awkward side hug when they have to say good bye. The quiet type may not be the most entertaining on a variety show, but there is charm to him.  I know Yura wants him to be more affectionate (and he most likely will right before the end of their relationship) but I kind of like that he plays the straight man in their relationship. He just needs to get more comfortable being in a virtual marriage, and that comes with time. we got married

Song Jae Rim - The Cheeseball

we got married Now, when I call Song Jae Rim a cheese ball, I am being generous. His wife, Kim So Eun, likes to call him a pervert, and you can't really blame her. It seems that Jae Rim likes being affectionate, in both words and touch. He is always calling his wife different nicknames and grabbing every opportunity to touch her. Sometimes, the things that he says, concern me. Like the time he held out a toy stethoscope and told So Eun to take off her shirt. So Eun's shocked reaction was the same as mine. He tries to defend himself saying that's what doctor say to monitor your heart beat, which we get, but that probably wasn't the most appropriate thing to say. There's something a little wild and rough about Jae Rim, despite his model looks and his velvety low voice. He wears tacky striped pants, says blunt things, and is always picking at himself. Seriously, play a drinking game next time you watch this show. Take a shot whenever Jae Rim touches his nose, his face, his ears, his hair, or his chest. You will not last to watch the next couple. we got married Despite that he seems to have no filter, he does have good qualities. He is considerate of his wife and very obedient, which So Eun likes. He'll do goofy things like stretching his shirt with his teeth with no hesitation, if his wife asks him to. Jae Rim reminds me of this large cuddly dog that hasn't been fully trained yet. You take him home and he may mess up your carpet or rip apart your couch, but he is so affectionate and eager-to-please you can't help but forgive him each time. Although, this analogy may not be the best considering both Jae Rim and So Eun are cat people. I guess we'll see how this couple develops. we got married

Nam Goong Min - The Husband

we got married I think Nam Goong Min may be my favorite husband out of the three. His slow and simplistic way of speaking drove me a little crazy at first, but then I softened at his sincerity and his goofy smile. Being the older couple, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young have a different chemistry than the other two couples. They are also really comfortable with each other and actually talk like a married couple. Min can eye Jin Young's chest and compliment her on it, and Jin Young will just laugh. In the same way, Jin Young can demand that Min take off his shirt to show her his abs. This is probably the relationship Song Jae Rim aspires for. we got married Min is also a really dedicated actor, which is really evident when the two makes a mini-movie to celebrate their anniversary. Playing both the leading man and the director, Min gets so engrossed into their little project that he sometimes forget Jin Young is there. I feel like that's the closest resemblance to an actual husband. Sure, he may be working too hard, but when he does remember what's important, he's quick to ask for forgiveness and shower her with hugs and words of affection. During a sad scene, he easily tears up, and when his wife enthusiastically praises him for it, he cooly says "This is how I make my living." So we have this slightly dorky guy who can turn into this cool actor at the blink of an eye. There's also this: we got married Pretty model types are nice, no complaints, but sometimes you need some masculinity to heat things up. [tv]"We Got Married" is now on SoompiTV! Watch it here! [/tv]

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