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Man Crush Monday: "My Love From the Stars'" Do Min Joon

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For our very first edition of Man Crush Monday last week, we had Lee Gun from "Fated to Love You." Adored for his quirky eccentricity and warm personality, Lee Gun surely won the hearts of many. This week; however, our crush-worthy man is more of an introvert, one who enjoys his peaceful, quiet, albeit lonely, life without disturbance. That is, until someone wrecked havoc in his steady routine and turned his world topsy-turvy. This week, our man, or should I say alien, is none other than Do Min Joon from "My Love From the Stars." Last year, in 2013, he took the world by storm for his handsome alien features, that, by the way, looks nothing at all like E.T., and deep love for actress Cheon Song Yi. After coming to Earth 400 years ago, Do Min Joon couldn't wait to go back to his home planet, but there's nothing quite like falling in love to make him want to stay on Earth - forever. Without further ado, let's take a look at the five reasons that make Do Min Joon so crushable (spoilers ahead):

1. Do Min Joon has fun superpowers.

Do Min Joon Drunk One of the biggest perks of loving an alien is having the ability to watch him play with his superpowers. From teleporting to stopping time, super strength to super hearing, and, my all time favorite, telekinesis, Do Min Joon can do it all. Have you ever seen him drunk? The results are hilarious as seen in his Joseon-era memories where he had people scrambling left and right in sheer panic, high-pitched screams, and horrified faces. It was absolutely priceless! And though he may attempt to scare you with his abilities in order to protect you, Do Min Joon would never use them to hurt you.

2. Do Min Joon is adorably awkward when lying.

Do Min Joon Busted I don't think there's a bone in his body fully capable of lying and successfully pulling it off. He immediately gains that look of wide-eyed innocence, like you've wrongfully accused him of something, but you know full well that you have the evidence to support your accusations. Do Min Joon always appears dumbfounded and surprised, but his slight stuttering and brief pauses in between defensive words are a dead giveaway that he's been completely busted! It's completely adorable and you only wish you could catch him in the act more to see that facial expression again.

3. Do Min Joon will risk everything to protect you.

Do Min Joon Protection From barely restraining himself from killing the one that hurt you to dropping from the sky and stopping the car that would have taken you over the cliff, Do Min Joon is willing to do anything to protect you to the best of his abilities. Even if it meant exposing his secret to the world or sacrificing himself to ensure your safety. His super hearing is always focused on you, tuning into your distinct voice and making certain you aren't calling to him for help. Without effort, he is your knight in shining armor, but he never makes you feel inferior. Even when you aren't in danger, if you call out to him, he will appear in a nanosecond to make sure everything is okay.

4. Do Min Joon is a great doctor.

Do Min Joon Profession And professor. Manager. Bodyguard. Lawyer. His abilities are truly limitless, aided by the fact that he's been learning multiple crafts in the 400 years he's been stranded on Earth. He'll be able to assist you with anything you may need, diagnose a health condition in a heartbeat, and save you from all kinds of financial woes. When you're with Do Min Joon, there isn't anything to prevent you from kicking back and enjoying life because you can be certain that he will be knowledgeable on all the important aspects of adult life. Wouldn't it be great to worry about one less thing on a daily basis? Or many?

5. Do Min Joon loves with all his heart.

Do Min Joon Love When he cares, he can't stop. To be honest, it's not about his life skills or how adorable and handsome he looks. It's not about how he'll save you from life threatening situations. Just the fact that Do Min Joon cares about all the minor details is enough to make him crush-worthy. All the other aspects are just very, very nice bonuses. When Do Min Joon loved the young girl in the Joseon era, he cared about every aspect of her. Her safety, health, and state of mind. He wished for her happiness, however fleeting, and kept himself by her side when she needed him. Despite the fact that their time together was cut short and Do Min Joon was filled with guilt, I think he knew, somewhere in the recess of his heart, that the young girl's eyes had glowed a bit brighter because of him. In the present day, when he loves Cheon Song Yi, he made every facet of her a priority. Things and situations that might have bypassed other people were the very pieces of vital information he focused on. What made her happy, sad, and scared - these were all important to him to know. Accidentally stepping on glass, facing persistent reporters intent on bringing her down, and even deceitful friends - all of these situations and more were ones that Do Min Joon sought to find solutions for because it affected Cheon Song Yi's overall well being. He knew when she was trying to bury her inner thoughts and emotions behind a wall of aloofness, but he never called her out on it. He knew when she was hurting and tried to heal her. When she was at risk to be heartbroken, Do Min Joon tried to distance himself to prevent her deepening feelings as an attempt to lessen the pain. Since that didn't work, he decided to give her as much happiness as he could before he would, inevitably, disappear from Earth. But even then, he never gave up and tried to find a way back to her. So, what do you think? How worthy of a crush is our handsome alien, Do Min Joon? Who is your Man Crush Monday this week and who would you like to see featured next? Let us know in the comments below! [tv]See Do Min Joon in action in "My Love From the Stars" right here on SoompiTV![/tv]

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