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BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon Wants to Be Cast in Season 10 of “Daddy, Where Are We Going?”

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In a recent interview with BEAST, Yoon Doojoon was picked as the best future husband and dad by the rest of his members. In the midst of public dating news as well as news of marriage among idols, the BEAST members received a question regarding any of their own wedding plans. Yang Yoseob responded, “We don’t really talk about marriage amongst ourselves…But Doojoon sometimes mentioned ‘Daddy, Where Are We Going?’ Unless he gets married because of ‘Daddy, Where Are We Going?’…” With regards to the popular variety show on MBC, Yoon Doojoon responded, “I want to be cast in the tenth season of the show. I really enjoy ‘Daddy, Where Are We Going?’ In the first season I liked Joon [Sung Dong Il’s son] and Junsu [Lee Jong Hyuk’s son]. Now I really adore the three sisters from Se Yoon’s family [Jung Woong In’s three daughters are Se Yoon, So Yoon, and Da Yoon]. I hope the program stays around for a long time.” Later in the interview the members picked Yoon Doojoon as the most likely to be the nicest husband and father in the future. Yoon Doojoon responded, “Everyone [of the members] is nice.” And with regards to plans of children, he gave a surprisingly detailed response: “I want two. I think it would be better if the older was a daughter while the younger is the son.” Meanwhile, BEAST recently released their special mini 7th album with the title track “12:30.” The track was produced by producer team Good Life, and it is a reinterpretation of how the hands of the clock at 12:30 resembles a separated couple that has their sad and longing feelings pointing in opposite directions. After its release, it achieved an all-kill among various music charts. What do you guys think? Would Doojoon make a good father?

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