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ToppDogg Drops New Jack Swing-Themed “Annie” Music Video

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Boy band ToppDogg has unveiled a music video for the track “Annie.” The group’s agency, Stardom Entertainment, explained that the release was a gift to fans to commemorate the group’s one year anniversary. A representative from the company explained, "The boys have been so busy since their debut – more so than anyone else. They have developed a lot due to the support of the group’s fans.” In keeping with the distinctive retro New Jack Swing feel of the song, the boys have adopted many of the fashion styles and dance moves in the video. Indeed, watching the music video may take many older fans back to the days of artists like MC Hammer and Bobby Brown. The representative explained, “We hope that teenage fans can enjoy the analog feel of the new release. For people in their twenties and thirties, the release could bring back some old memories.”

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