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Three Great Reasons to Watch "Modern Farmer"

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1. The priceless situations

Just in the first two episodes of "Modern Farmer" we've seen... leehongki&exotics_modernfarmer … Lee Min Ki and the EXO fangirls fighting over the band name… leehoneystealingcollage_modernfarmer … Kang Yoon Hee trying to “borrow” one flower wreath of the many for the funeral next to theirs (Lee Min Ki’s grandmother’s)… mainfourrunningcollage_modernfarmer … the group being chased by the angry farmers… mainfourmrflower_modernfarmer … all the way to them accidentally running over the village’s beloved and sacred deer.

2. The cheesy graphics and special effects

leehongkiflying_modernfarmerleehongki&girlsfighting_modernfarmermainfourcabbages_modernfarmerdeerhavoc_modernfarmer I think the images all speak for themselves!

3. The room for character development

mainfourcar1_modernfarmer Every good storyline needs character development, but unfortunately some dramas don’t give their characters enough room to grow significantly. But from Lee Min Ki’s spitfire personality to Kang Hyuk’s cheekiness, the main characters each have a lot of room to grow and become better people! That's all for now, but we'll be back next week with recaps! [tv]Be sure to catch Modern Farmer on SoompiTV every Saturday and Sunday! [/tv]

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