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Singer Shin Hae Chul Successfully Completes 3-Hour Surgery Following Cardiac Arrest

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After having been resuscitated following a cardiac arrest, singer Shin Hae Chul underwent a three-hour surgery and is now moved to the intensive care unit. "The surgery went well. Luckily, we were told that his life is not in danger anymore. The medical team re-opened the part of his belly where he recently had surgery for his intestines to find out the cause of the cardiac arrest," said KCA Entertainment, Shin Hae Chul's agency. However, it is still too early to determine what could have been the cause of the 46-year-old singer's cardiac arrest as well as his condition post operation. "It hasn't been long since his surgery so we have to keep watch of his condition," added the agency. Shin Hae Chul apparently underwent surgery on his intestines due to a frequent intestinal convulsion at a hospital in Seoul but the proceedings weren't good. He went in and out of the hospital after the operation to receive treatment and finally, his condition got worse. On October 21, Shin Hae Chul complained of a sharp pain in his chest and was later admitted to a hospital in Sojae, Seoul where his condition degenerated. The singer then had a cardiac arrest on 1 a.m. of October 22 and was moved to the intensive care unit of Asan Hospital where he had various tests. While waiting for the diagnosis, Shin Hae Chul underwent low temperature treatment to aid his condition. By 8 p.m. on October 22, Shin Hae Chul went for a three-hour long surgery to determine the cause of his cardiac arrest. The singer was later moved to the intensive care unit. We hope Shin Hae Chul recovers soon!

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