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SM Updates on f(x) Krystal's Condition Following Fainting Incident During SM Concert

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SM Entertainment has assured fans that f(x) member Krystal is in healthy condition. The news come after Krystal fainted during the SM Town Concert held in Shanghai, China, on October 18. After finishing their performance for "Red Light," f(x) was leaving the stage when Krystal suddenly lost consciousness, causing fans to worry over her state. Soon after, fancams capturing the moment began gaining attention on social media, and the videos show Krystal being carried away by bodyguards. SM shared updates on her condition through news outlet Star News. "Due to showing signs of dizziness after her performance on Saturday, she took time off to rest. Currently, she has returned to her drama filming schedule," the company said, assuring fans there is no need to worry. Meanwhile, Krystal is starring in SBS' "My Lovely Girl."  Source (1)

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