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Roy Kim Reveals His Last Kiss Was Over a Year Ago

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Singer Roy Kim recently confessed it has been a while since his last kiss. He was a guest on the October 21 broadcast of KBS Radio CoolFM's "Lee So Ra's Music Square" to discuss his latest comeback as well as private life. The MCs asked, "When were you last surprised with a kiss?" to which Roy Kim responded with, "I haven't been kissed in over a year." As the MCs had a hard time believing his confession, the singer jokingly added, "It is the truth! Why don't you believe me. What is up with such a sudden question?" When asked to choose which MC is prettier, Kim Ji Min or Kim Min Kyung, Roy Kim laughed, "I want to have a deeper discussion with you, but I have been asked confusing questions from the very beginning, so I don't know what to answer."

Later on, the singer revealed he often misjudges situations like anyone else, and said, "That is true. Isn't everyone the same? Whenever I look in the mirror I think I'm handsome, and if a girl is nice to me, I think she might like me."

Meanwhile, Roy Kim is promoting his comeback track, "Home."

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