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Song Ga Yeon Reported to Be Receiving Psychological Treatment Due to Shock from Death Threats

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Song Ga Yeon—mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and former cast member of SBS’ “Roommate,”—has been reported to be receiving psychological treatment since August of this year, due to the extreme stress and shock she experienced from death threats sent to her on SNS, according to an exclusive report by media outlet The Fact. The impact of malicious comments and death threats she received from netizens is said to be so great that Song Ga Yeon has completely stopped training recently. One source revealed to The Fact on October 20, “Song Ga Yeon has continued to receive treatment regularly at a psychiatric clinic in Seoul since August. At this point, it’s not certain how much longer she will have to receive help. That’s how much she is struggling. She has suffered immense psychological pain at such a young age. It’s not the first time she’s received malicious comments, but it went too far. Her mental state is unstable, so she hasn’t been able to train.” It appears that Song Ga Yeon began to receive harsh criticism following her TKO victory against an older and weaker fighter. She was accused of being excessively praised for her exaggerated skills, and only having won her debut match because of the opponent she was up against. These personal attacks and allegations progressed into inappropriate, sexual jokes as well as profanity and abusive language, and ultimately lead to death threats. MMA fighter Seo Doo Won, who is close to Song Ga Yeon shared, “Ga Yeon has always had a hard time because of malicious comments. Her psychological state was unstable even before her debut match. Although she won, her condition became more severe. It’s very upsetting.” Road FC recently announced that it would be taking legal action against netizens’ death threats. A representative of Song Ga Yeon’s agency, E&M, explained, “Ga Yeon suffered serious shock after seeing the word ‘chainsaw.’ She has endured the countless hateful comments until now, but it crossed the line this time. She know very well that there has been a lot of talk about her. However, the current situation is too overwhelming to handle. It’s expected that athletes are liked or disliked, but it has surpassed the limit that a person can tolerate. Because Song Ga Yeon has not been able to properly train since August, there have been talks about whether or not she will be able to continue her career as an athlete. Source (1) See also: Song Ga Yeon to Take Legal Action Against Netizen Who Sent Death Threats on SNS

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