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Teen Top: "We Always Fail to Reach Our Initial Goals for Promotions"

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Male group Teen Top has revealed their thoughts on wrapping up promotions for their latest title track, "Missing." During a recent interview with news outlet MBN, the members said, "This is our first album with all members in their 20s, and we feel the promotions have ended successfully. It was a promotion period that made us happy, and we have received lots of love music-wise." When asked if they have reached their initial goals for the comeback, the group laughed, "We have reached around 60 to 70 percent of them." "Every time we have promotions, we always fail to reach the goals we had in mind. We feel like we are slowly rising with every album. In the future as well, we want to show a constantly improving side of ourselves. We will work hard until the day when people in the streets, regardless of age or sex, recognize Teen Top when they are asked about us," the members expressed their strong determination to succeed. "Thank you for waiting for us, and although we performed our last stage on music shows, we will return again with an improved image, so please wait for us. Thank you for showing us so much love this time around. We will return very soon," they concluded, promising to greet their fans again in the near future.

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