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[Highlights] "My Lovely Girl" Episodes 9 and 10

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[tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV![/tv] A lot happened this week, with all four of our main characters struggling to be honest about their feelings, even if that honesty only leads to more broken hearts. Here are my top five scenes from episodes nine and ten of “My Lovely Girl”:

  1. Hae Yoon’s drunk rant to Hyun Wook—To be honest, I don’t really like Hae Yoon. She’s so jealous and petty about Hyun Wook that I just want to tell her to move on. But in this scene, where she drunkenly pours her heart out to Hyun Wook about her 12 years of one-sided love for him, I felt really bad for her. I still think she needs to move on, but seeing the depth of her pain was quite moving.mlg 9:10 hae yoon final
  2. Shi Woo’s horrifying solo debut—This was so hard to watch! I was making this same face as Shi Woo the entire time.mlg 9:10 l final
  3. DAL BONG IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL—After staying in the hospital for several days, Dal Bong is allowed to come home. What a relief—for now. If this drama doesn’t end with someone discovering a cure for dog cancer, I’m going to lodge a complaint with SBS.mlg 9:10 dog final
  4. Shi Woo and Se Na, partners in music—I love this relationship so much. I love how he genuinely wants to help her, and I love the sweet way he expresses his feelings for her. (I appear to have a very strong case of Second Lead Syndrome!)mlg 9:10 krystal final
  5. Hyun Wook’s breakdown—As frustrating as I found most of Hyun Wook’s actions this week, his final breakdown, where he realizes that he can’t push Se Na away anymore, was wonderful. Rain’s performance was so raw and painful. That being said, I need him to start being honest with Se Na. He can’t keep hiding the truth forever.mlg 9:10 rain final
What do you think? What were your favorite scenes and moments from this week's episodes? Let us know in the comments! [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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