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YG Representative Says 2NE1 Is Not Disbanding

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A representative of YG Entertainment recently spoke with TV Report, denying the rumors of 2NE1 disbanding. The rumors surrounding 2NE1's disbandment started with Minzy omitting "2ne1/21" from the url/description of her social media accounts. A representative from YG announced, "There's nothing wrong with 2NE1. They're currently in Macau for a scheduled event. They'll be returning as 2NE1." On Park Bom's involvement in 2NE1 after her drug scandal, YG also stated, "She's participated in the YG Family Concert last August and other concerts abroad, because those were well scheduled in advance. 2NE1 can't have a proper stage without Park Bom." However, they also added, "But she is refraining from any other activities in the country. Park Bom is currently having some time off for self-reflection. Please keep on cheering her up until her comeback." Meanwhile, YG announced earlier that CL will be making a solo debut in the US with the backings from Scooter Braun. Source (1)

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