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What Would the Cast of tvN's "Misaeng" Do When The Show's Ratings Go Over 3%?

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On October 16, the cast of tvN's latest drama, "Misaeng," each revealed what they would do to give back once their show reaches 3% in viewership ratings. Photos of each of the cast holding up a sign that states their promise as well as a video were uploaded on the website's official Facebook page as well as tvN Drama's official YouTube page, making sure that the cast's promise is made known to everyone. Some of the cast members like Im Si Wan, Byun Yo Han, and Kang So Ra thought it's best to give back by treating food. Kang SoraIm Si WanByun Yo Han The lead actor Im Si Wan says he will personally go to an office during lunch break and bring snacks to show his gratitude while lead actress Kang So Ra upped the ante and said she will treat chicken and beer to employees by renting out one whole chicken shop. Byun Yo Han, who at first jokingly said he will do waacking at the busy shopping district of Myeongdong, said willl buy 100 cups of coffee and give them to the interns who have taught him a lot for his role in the show. Other cast members thought to ease the stress of the working class by doing them some service. Kang Ha NeulKim Dae MyungLee Sung MinKang Ha Neul says he will choose a random office and sing them a song at the office lobby when the employees leave their office to go home. Kim Dae Young, who plays the role of a deputy manager, says he will treat 50 deputy managers to a movie. Lee Sung Min, on the other hand, says he will go to Yeoui-do Station and give free hugs to the office workers who are passing by, if they want one. He also showed his faith in the drama and said that if the viewer rating for "Misaeng" reaches over 5%, he will bring with him Kang So Ra and Im Si Wan and have another free hug event.. "Misaeng" is a drama tells the story of Jang Geu Rae (Im Si Wan), a guy whose life revolved around the Game of Go but was forced to face the cruel reality after failing to be a pro Go player. It is from a popular webtoon of the same name that translates to "incomplete life." "Misaeng" will air its first episode on October 17, 8:10 p.m. on tvN.

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