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SPICA’s Park Ju Hyun Changes Name to Park Si Hyun

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SPICA member Park Ju Hyun has officially changed her name to Park Si Hyun, according to the singer’s representatives. A spokesperson from B2M Entertainment, SPICA’s agency, said, "She has been called Si Hyun from childhood. Her parents had originally hoped to have a son, so they chose the name Ju Hyun in advance, and her name was officially registered as such. But now she wants to perform under her real name, Si Hyun, so she has officially changed it.” Park Si Hyun1 The spokesperson also added, “Since her debut three years ago, she has been known as Park Ju Hyun,” so her new name might be a little unfamiliar at first. She has resolved to keep trying hard at what she does. Please send her a lot of support and attention!" spica park si hyun The SPICA member tweeted the meaning of her name, revealing the characters as 是 (meaning 'right' or 'correct') and 炫 (meaning 'bright' or 'shining'). Thanks very much to rightclick5ave for the tip!

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