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Strawberry Milk’s ChoA and Way: “We Fight a Lot!”

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ChoA and Way, of Crayon Pop subunit Strawberry Milk, have admitted that they frequently have arguments. The girls, who are twins, were speaking at a showcase event held in the Gangnam district of Seoul on October 15 where they were promoting the release of Strawberry Milk’s debut mini album. The girls admitted, “We do argue a lot. Of course, it never gets physical, but there are a lot of verbal arguments.” ChoA, who is the (albeit slightly) older of the twins, noted, “I always try to respect my younger sister's (Way’s) opinion and try to get along with her.” On the other hand, Way said, “As I am younger, I have to accept what I am told.” In related news, Way also added that both she and her twin sister had always wanted to be pop stars. She said, “We both dreamed of becoming singers from a very early age. Whenever I face challenges, I look up the sky and ask, ‘Please tell me if the path I am on is the right one.’ Even after Crayon Pop’s debut, I have continued to do that.” Digital copies of Strawberry Milk’s mini album went on sale on October 15, while physical copies will go on sale as of today (October 16).

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