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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Looks Picture Perfect in College Graduation Photos

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Pictures taken of Girls’ Generation member YoonA while she poses for her college graduation album portrait recently began to make their rounds online, quickly becoming a hot topic. On October 15, photos of YoonA taking her graduation photos at the Dongguk University campus were spread throughout various online communities. The reason these pictures are gaining so much attention is due to YoonA’s goddess-like beauty, even in a very simple outfit. YoonA can be seen dressed in a clean-cut white blouse and mid-length dark colored skirt, perfectly appropriate for graduation album portraits. She also shows off her new hairstyle, with her bangs covering her forehead. In one of the photos, Seohyun can also be seen posing alongside YoonA. Meanwhile, the two Girls’ Generation members graduated from Dongguk University’s theater and film studies department this past year. yoona donggukyoona seohyun

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