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FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki Apologizes to EXO-L For "Modern Farmer" Band Name Incident

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FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki has recently apologized to the fans of EXO (EXO-L) who were offended with the use of EXO's group name in the SBS weekend drama, "Modern Farmer." On October 14, at the production presentation of the new SBS weekend drama "Modern Farmer," Lee Hong Ki spoke up about the name of his fictional band in the drama series, "Excellent Souls" which, when abbreviated in Korean, is "EXO." "It must have been sensitive for the EXO fans. I apologize," Lee Hong Ki sent his apology. The singer-actor then explained, "Actually, I was worried when I received the team name 'EXO' (in the drama). The message board was already terrorized and each of the articles had bad comments." He then followed, "I'm from an idol group myself. So if I see that a drama used FTISLAND's name, I think I will be glad. But I think it was a sensitive part for the EXO fans." Lee Hong Ki then clarified, "The meaning of 'EXO' in the drama is different. I hope there's no misunderstanding. (Actually) in the drama, there's a scene wherein I got slapped and kicked in the knee by a female high school student because of the name 'EXO,'" and made everyone laugh. SBS' upcoming weekend drama "Modern Farmer" tells the story of four young men who wanted to escape life and become farmers instead. Here, Lee Hong Ki plays the role of Lee Min Ki, the leader, guitarist, and vocalist of the band Excellent Souls. "Modern Farmer" will air its first episode on October 18, 8:45 p.m. (KST) on SBS.

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