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Rapper San E Still Has Access to JYP Building

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On October 13, rapper San E uploaded a short video onto his personal Instagram with the caption, “I thought that by any chance…” In the video, San E could be seen entering the JYP building. One can only go through the entrance with a fingerprint key. San E placed his finger in the pad and surprisingly the door opened and his entrance was free of any problems. 1013 san e instagram jyp building Meanwhile, San E used to be a part of the JYP family until April of last year. Later that year in June, he signed with Brand New Music. The fact that he still has access to the building despite not being an official member of the company is garnering much attention. Netizens are divided in their opinions with regards to this situation—it would either be that JYP’s security is not as tight as we all thought, or JYP still considers San E as a family member. What do you guys think?

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