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DBSK Nostalgia: Five Memorable Performances

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The group, DBSK (or TVXQ), has been around for over 10 years in the K-pop scene and they have had their own share of hit songs, whether Korean or Japanese. If you have been a long time DBSK fan, you probably still listen to their older music and reminiscence about when they were together. DBSK, as a group of five members, has captivated us with their harmonious vocals and passionate, emotional melodies. Here are some of their most memorable performances.

“Hug” Debut Stage

Going back all the way to the end of 2003, DBSK’s debut stage has to be a memorable one for fans, since this was where their journey to success all started. Their song “Hug” was definitely one of their most famous tracks amongst fans, despite their somewhat cheesy lyrics. Who knew that these young and cute boys would later become charismatic, passionate men and take over Asia with their talent? This performance definitely gives you a feeling of nostalgia, showing how far they have come as artists. This performance probably has a special place in the hearts of their fans simply because it was their very first performance.

“I Believe” at 2004 Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl

This performance is included in their most memorable because this actually might have been their first time performing in the United States. When they performed at the Hollywood Bowl, it had been less than a year since they had debuted, but as seen in the video, they already had a ton of female fans. Amidst the rain, the group had definitely stolen the hearts of their fans with their innocent, boyish charm and soft vocals.

"Mirotic" Comeback Stage

Fans waited about 2 years for the group’s comeback and it was through “Mirotic” that they came back with a BANG! This performance was their comeback performance and it instantly became a huge hit. With their sexy image, charismatic dance, captivating vocals, and powerful lyrics, their “Mirotic” performance definitely has to be memorable, even more so because fans waited so long for their return.

 “Love in the Ice” Comeback Stage

There are so many breath-taking performances of DBSK performing “Love in the Ice,” both in Korean and in Japanese. This performance was most memorable because it was part of their long awaited Korean comeback in 2008. Fans were even more excited for this song itself because they originally released it as a Japanese track, but for their comeback, they released a Korean version. This performance not only shows the group’s strong and powerful vocals, but their harmony as a group and how with five voices singing as one, they can touch the hearts of their fans.

“Proud” at their 2007 “Five in the Black” Concert

When you search “DBSK crying” or “DBSK Proud” on YouTube, this performance is one of the top results. When DBSK fans see this performance, I think they have all shed a tear at least once because it is truly a sincere and honest performance. “Proud” itself is such a beautiful song, but all the emotions shown in this performance makes a huge difference. Some fans believe that the group was emotional because it was the end encore song of their Japan concert and also a high point in their Japanese success. No one really knows their exact reasons for crying, but it shows such a sensitive, vulnerable side of the group. DBSK, as individuals are all human too. It really shows how if one member is hurting, it really does affect the whole team. As a fan, you can see how they all become emotional, looking at one another and exchanging glances to try and comfort one another in the slightest way. What made DBSK the “gods of Asia” was not only their talent, but their passion. Many fans still wait for the day that the five of them will come back reunited as one team. No one really knows, but until that day comes, “always keep the faith…”

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