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Shin Bong Sun Talks About How Her Nose Surgery Has Affected Her Popularity

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Comedienne Shin Bong Sun recently made mention of the surgery she admitted to receiving on her nose, as well as the effect it has had on her popularity and being recognized as a public figure. On the October 11 broadcast of MBC’s variety talk show “Quiz to Change the World,” the three MCs and the panel of guests discussed the topic of namelessness, and going through periods of not being well known. MC Kim Gu Ra shared that he overcame a long period of time being unknown for 11 years prior to gaining recognition from people. On the other hand, Shin Bong Sun revealed, “I did well as soon as I debuted. I’m actually more unknown now. My public recognition dropped because of my new nose,” causing everyone to burst into laughter. Do you think Shin Bong Sun’s nose has taken a hit on her popularity these days? shin bong sun

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