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[VIDEO] The Long-Awaited U-KISS AS4U Episode!

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After the explosive fan response to Soompi’s U-KISS “A Song For You” fan video contest, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the U-KISS episode of the show to air. It’s been a few months, but the episode has finally been released and all of the hype was definitely worth it! The boys did not disappoint! Joining the usual MCs (Kangin, Amber, and Sungjae), “A Song For You” is the group’s first activity in Korea after being in Japan for two and a half months! Despite nervousness about the state of their Korean, the boys reminded everyone of their loveable nature and amazing (read: amusing) reaction skills. Check out our top 5 reasons you must catch this week’s episode:

1. Soohyun’s amazing English skills!

as4u-ukiss-soohyun-engirsh All of which he has learned from video games... (Forget all of the English speaking members of the group.)

2. Yook Sungjae’s sudden desire to rip off his shirt?

as4u-yook-sungjae-mcs While desperately hoping someone will stop him.

3. Two words: pigeon battle.

as4u-ukiss-eli-pigeonAS4u-sungjae-pigeonwut But don't worry, no pigeons were hurt in the filming of the episode. Just Eli and Sungjae's pride.

4. This gorgeous transformation.

as4u-ukiss-ajumma-pants Nothing says stylish and idol like ajumma pants!


as4u-u-kiss-ainging-magnaeas4u-u-kiss-hoon-singing U-KISS is known for winning hearts with their amazing performances, check them out performing “One Love” and “0330.” (And thank us later when you become a KISS-ME.) Bonus reason: a fellow Soompier was featured on the program! Congratulations to Karina for winning the Soompi AS4U contest for U-KISS!

Watch the full episode (full of many more great moments) now: 

If you want a chance to be famous like Karina, enter the current Soompi AS4U Contest for 2AM HERE!

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