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Park Joon Hyung Misses Living With Other god Members

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god'Park Joon Hyung recently revealed that he missed living with his group members Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo, Danny Ahn, and Yoon Kye Sang. On October 10, at the press conference held at the share house where the SBS variety show "Roommate 2" is filmed, Park Joon Hyung confessed to missing the dorm life he had with his members during their years performing as god. "Honestly, I come and go to Korea so I didn't know there's a program like this (Roommate). There was a casting call and I had a meeting (with the production team). The PD and writer are kind so I thought it would be interesting to work with these kind of people," said Park Joon Hyung. "From the early stages of our activities as god, I lived together with my dongsaeng (younger brothers) for three to four years. There's something that I missed about that time. I cannot be in that same situation with the members now so I'm glad that I met good family like this (through Roommate)," added Park Joon Hyung. Park Joon Hyung also revealed something about Roommate 2. "I'm not good with scripted programs. They don't have that (script) here. Although the producer gives the idea, it's nice that we could show our own image. It's nice that we can show that celebrities are human too, there are times when we're happy and times when we're angry," said Park Joon Hyung. See more of Park Joon Hyung and the rest of the cast in "Roommate 2" which airs every Sunday, 4:50 p.m. (KST) on SBS.

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