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MBLAQ to Enlist in Military after “Curtain Call” Concert? Mir Explains Current Situation Through Fancafe Post

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Earlier, on October 9, fans of MBLAQ were shocked and disappointed to hear about the group’s possible military enlistment, as explained by the creative director of MBLAQ’s concert, Randy Noh. Through his Instagram, the concert show director uploaded a picture of the promotional poster for the group’s upcoming solo concert, “Curtain Call,” which will be held on November 29-30. However, what caught the attention of fans was not the photo itself, but the message that was posted along with it: “It feels like it was just yesterday when I saw MBLAQ trembling before their first debut stage five years ago, and now they’re already [going to] the army, too. But I wonder if they’ll be able to prepare for the concert properly. I might not be able to prepare anything for the concert because I’ve been telling celebrity cosplayer Mr. Bang (Mir) about this summer’s episode. I hope many people come and show a lot of support for our MBLAQ [members], whom we won’t be able to see much for some time. P.S: The title and head copy are my works #MBLAQ #MBLAQConcert #20141129-1130 #OlympicHall #MBLAQsLastConcertForNow.” mblaq randy nohAfter hearing about the concerns of fans following the spread of this news, member Mir took to a post on the group’s official fancafe in order to clear the air. He wrote: “Title: Hello, this is Mir. The title feels strange, right? I'm writing this using my phone so I can’t tell what’s what..I felt like I had to communicate with you all, so I’m leaving this message..I didn’t think it would be courteous [to post this on] Twitter.. My heart hurts because it seems like many people are filled with worry and anger.. Various speculations ran rampant, and [these speculations] became a reality. I’m so sorry for making everyone feel uneasy because of this.. We [the members] will personally make sure to tell you so that you won’t be worried.. So for now, please close your eyes and ears..Our #1 priority is that we shouldn’t disappoint our fans..same with right now..so please wait a little longer..We will be MBLAQ that keeps our promises..!! Also, the weather these days suddenly got colderㅠ Always be careful not to catch a cold, study hard, work hard, and play hard, too..Please don’t get hurt..ㅠㅁㅠ We will come back with good news soon~ To be continued.mir fancafeEarlier this month, fans began to speculate about the members’ possible enlistment, so it appears that Mir wanted to ease fans’ worries and explain the current situation directly. Meanwhile, who—whether it will be all or some of the members—or when MBLAQ will be entering the military is not certain for the time being. J.Tune Camp has not yet released an official statement about MBLAQ’s future plans for enlistment, so fans can hold tight until it is confirmed by both the members and the agency.

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