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Seo Taiji Reveals Album Cover of Upcoming Album, "Quiet Night"

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Singer Seo Taiji stepped one step closer to his fans as he introduced the cover image of his official ninth album, “Quiet Night.”  Seo Taiji’s agency released the cover image on October 8 as they shared with the public the general feel of the new album. The cover is decorated with a starry purple night sky and a mysterious girl is standing alone while unknown hands are holding each of her arms. The lines going across the girl’s head like a crown is Seo Taiji’s own name written in unique font made just for this album. The album design work and the font were created by artist Kim Dae Hong. Seo Taiji broke his five years of silence when he recently came out with his collaboration project with IU called, “Seogyeokdong,” and has swept over the music charts. His agency, Seo Taiji Company, said, “The cover is an artwork that metaphorically depicts an innocent girl and the symbols that are in contrast. We decided to express the entire theme of the album through a girl that had both fear and curiosity towards the world she faced.” They added that the three leaf clover on the girl’s wrist holds a meaning of happiness and it is something that the people of our time are in need of more than luck that the four leaf clover represents. Seo Taiji will release his version of “Seogyeokdong” and the music video on the midnight of October 10. His comeback concert, "Christmas-Halloween," will be held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on October 18, and on October 20, he will be officially releasing his ninth album, “Quiet Night.” quiet night 2

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