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Akdong Musician Reveals Lyrics for Unexpected Track Release, “Time and Leaves”

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Exactly at midnight of October 9, YG Entertainment released a poster onto their official blog announcing a new track release by sibling duo Akdong Musician.

The poster seems to emit an autumn-like aura, with images of a clock in the shape of tree branches and leaves, telling the time 10:10. At the bottom of the poster, there is a caption “10.10 0AM,” revealing that the track would be released at midnight of October 10.

The new track, “Time and Leaves,” is a hidden track that was not released with their April debut album, “Play,” since it had been put off on hold for an October release. Like most of Akdong Musician’s songs, it is created and written by brother Lee Chan Hyuk. The song is expected to have a soft string section with a piano sound that will be of a pop genre. It will show a different style that hasn’t been shown by the artists before, raising anticipation among fans.

1009 akmu time and leaf

A representative of YG Entertainment revealed, “Expectations are rising as to what kind of a new, unique style the new track, ‘Time and Leaves’ would bring, since Akdong Musician has already gained much popularity with their bright and cute image that brought healing music to the audience.”

Who’s excited for their new release?


YG has just unveiled the lyrics of Akdong Musician's upcoming track. Usually known for their use of English expressions, the lyrics sheet shows that the duo has limited their language to Korean this time around.

akdong lyrics

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