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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picked On By the “Radio Star” MCs For His Embarrassing Photos

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On the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” that aired on October 8, Super Junior members Siwon, Leeteuk, Kangin, and Eunhyuk made guest appearances for the “Super Junior—Around Thirty” special. During the talk, the topic of Eunhyuk’s handsomeness came up, and the MCs asked whether Eunhyuk got picked on a lot for his looks. When asked about his nickname as the “ugly” of the group, Eunhyuk responded, “We ranked ourselves on our looks within the group for fun. I thought it would be funny to bring that onto variety shows but people started to take it seriously. People began to think, ‘Wait, now that I look at him again he is kind of ugly.’” In response to this the MCs said, “Some reporters proved this [that he was the “ugly” of the group],” and brought out some photos from old news articles. The humiliating photos were from the diving project on an old variety show called “Barefoot Friends,” where Eunhyuk had been a long term member. Seeing the photos Eunhyuk ran over to cover the photos held by MC Kim Gura, who scolded him by saying, “The photo isn’t going to go away if you cover it up. But this is pretty harsh. I didn’t know it [referring to Eunhyuk’s looks] was this bad.” MC Yoon Jong Shin added, “This is the result when someone is giving another person the ‘Seoul tour.’” (The “Seoul tour” is a type of joke people play on others by holding the person’s head on both sides and pulling upwards) With regard to these photos, Eunhyuk commented, “When this article came up I placed this reporter in my heart. I even memorized the name.” 1009 sj eunhyuk radio star The members and the MCs all continued to tease him. Leeteuk said, “This is the kind of face that comes out when you try to pull stockings off of a person’s head.” Kim Gura, pointing to his mouth, said, “The lips and the surrounding mouth area are the highlights of this photo.” Yoon Jong Shin even added, “He was so scared that there was water coming out from his butt.” Eunhyuk, who couldn’t take it anymore, blurted out, “I’ll just rather talk about my scandal.” He continued, “I didn’t know that the reporters were on the scene until I saw that photo. I coincidentally found it because the writers [of ‘Barefoot Friends’] were giggling about it quietly. It turns out that I found out about it while they were contemplating whether or not to show me.” Later, another photo was revealed, this time being from a fashion show. Apparently it came off of Leeteuk’s SNS. In the photo, the model seems to be sporting a strange fashion but the he very much looked like Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk refuted this claim and said, “That isn’t me. It’s actually a Chinese model.” Soon Kyuhyun said, “Kim Gura actually thinks that it’s Eunhyuk,” as they all laughed out loud. Kim Gura commented, “I was totally tricked. But the fashion show is better than the diving photo, isn’t it?” Eunhyuk responded, “That photo was the worst in all of my celebrity life,” as he pointed to his diving photos. At this Kim Gura added, “How do you look like that? Has your mother seen it, too?” And Eunhyuk responded, “She also said that the reporter was mean [to post those photos],” bringing more laughter to the set. What do you guys think of the photos?

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