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Super Junior's Heechul and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Talk about Their Close Friendship

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On the October 7 broadcast of OnStyle’s “The TaeTiSeo,” Super Junior’s Heechul made an appearance as Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s close friend. During this week’s episode, Heechul shared his worries about Taeyeon and expressed his thankful heart to her. The Super Junior member said, “Sometimes, it hurts to see [Taeyeon] try so hard to appear strong. She has such a big load that she carries on her shoulder, but she doesn’t even show it. She quietly takes care of people without telling anyone, which is honestly very admirable.” He continued, “I’m always thankful [for Taeyeon] because even when I’m going through a really tough time, Taeyeon would comfort me by saying, ‘Oppa, you’re doing well. The problem is those around you.’” Heechul also revealed, “She told me that she would sing the congratulatory song when I get married.” In response, Taeyeon opened up her own feelings about her friendship with Heechul by saying, “Other than the members, I don’t have many close friends that I have a deep relationship with. But I feel like I get along well with [Heechul] oppa, and he adjusts well to me, so we meet often. That's why I’m thankful.” heechul taeyeon

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