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Cha Seung Won Explains the Falsehood in Wife's Former Publication Regarding Son Cha No Ah

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In the midst of news of a lawsuit against actor Cha Seung Won by his son’s biological father, an essay book published in 1999 by the actor’s wife Lee Soo Jin has come to light, in which she states that on the year that Cha Seung Won turned 20, they got married and had their son Cha No Ah. Following YG Entertainment’s confirmation that Cha No Ah is not, in fact, Cha Seung Won’s biological son, it came forward that the previously mentioned information published in the essay book regarding her son is false. On this, Cha Seung Won explained in an interview, “I acknowledge the small lie that my wife and I made for the sake of No Ah, and I would like to apologize to everyone. I would appreciate it if people understood that at the time, we couldn’t reveal everything.” Previously, on October 5, it was revealed that a man claiming to be Cha No Ah's biological father filed a suit against Cha Seung Won, saying that Cha No Ah was conceived before Cha Seung Won met his wife, and that Cha Seung Won pretending to be his son's father has damaged his honor. The suit is for a total of 100 million KRW in compensation (approx. 100,000 USD). Source (1) See for more info: Cha Seung Won Sued by Man Claiming to Be Cha No Ah’s Actual Father YG Entertainment Confirms Cha Seung Won Is Not the Birth Father of Cha No Ah, Releases Official Statement Cha Seung Won’s Friends Testify of His Fatherly Love

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