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BEAST Releases Mysterious Teaser for Special Fifth Debut Anniversary Comeback

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On October 6, a 15-second teaser foreshadowing BEAST’s comeback was unveiled onto their official YouTube channel. Prior to the teaser BEAST had hinted at an October comeback with a seventh mini album in celebration of their fifth debut anniversary. The teaser is supposed to be a preview of the overall style of the mini album. A quiet and calm beach is shown in black and white, as the water goes back and forth on the shore. On the sand, “1016” is written, soon to be erased by a wave and replaced with “1230.” In the backgroung, Yoseob’s voice could be faintly heard, adding to the alluring atmosphere of the video. Though the teaser didn’t show any of the members or reveal any detailed hints about the comeback, it was powerful enough to leave an impression. “1016” represents the date of their comeback as well as the date of their debut. Many are trying to figure out, however, what “1230” would represent. 1006 beast comeback teaser still BEAST had revealed a little while ago back in September that they would announce a new mini album this coming October 16 in celebration of their fifth debut anniversary. This would be a comeback in four months. Apparently, they are planning a special event for this anniversary. Many are anticipating what kind of album they would bring this time, since their specific release date has not yet been announced. Meanwhile, BEAST’s Gikwang is busy with variety shows such as SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” and OnStyle’s “Style Log 2014.” Yang Yoseob, on the other hand, is busy with his musical, “Zorro.” The two and the rest of the members are reported to be very busy also wrapping up the final touches of this comeback album. Who’s excited for their comeback? What do you think the "1230" means? View the teaser here:

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