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Haru Asked to Choose Her Favorite Among Sunny, Jonghyun, Jung Joon Young, and Younha on "Superman Returns"

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Ah the perks of having a famous rapper as your father! On the latest episode of the KBS variety show “Superman Returns,” Tablo brought his daughter, Haru, to a concert event he was performing at. There Haru met the various MCs and guests, among them being Girls' Generation's Sunny, SHINee's Jonghyun, solo singer Younha and Jung Joon Young, and comedienne Kim Shin Young Kim Shin Young showed herself to particularly be a fan of Haru, unable to stop of her exclamations of "You're so pretty!" and also sneaking up to take a selfie with Haru. Kim Shin Young and Sunny asked Haru to give them a kiss on the cheek and Haru obliged shyly. superman returns haru kim shin young When Jonghyun was sitting together with Sunny, Jung Joon Young, and Younha, he asked Haru which one of them she liked best. Haru, making a smart decision not to get involved, left without answering. Jonghyun understood her action as disinterest and Haru remained the chic little girl that people know and love her to be. superman returns soompi haru jonghyun

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