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Gary Forgets "Monday Couple" Partner Song Ji Hyo When Paired with Shin Min Ah on "Running Man"

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Actors Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Suk were the guests this week on "Running Man" for the "Wedding After Dating" race. The cast and guests were divided into a bride team and groom team and then partnered up. Gary became Shin Min Ah's partner. Members asked Gary, "What about Ji Hyo?" and the rapper replied, forgetting his Monday Couple partner for the week, "Ji Hyo who?" running man bride groom 1 The first mission of the day was for the Gary and Shin Min Ah to take off the tags of those who opposed their "marriage," namely, the rest of the "Running Man" cast. During this mission, Song Ji Hyo warned Shin Min Ah, "You'll regret it. Gary is so-so." Another game the cast played was the noodle game, which was much like the Pocky game, except with noodles. Shin Min Ah and Gary played the game aggressively, with the actress showing her competitive side and leaving only 0.4cm to the noodle. When Jo Jung Suk asked in surprise, "How did you play the game so well? Shin Min Ah replied, "You have to play the game thinking your lips will touch." She then asked playfully, "You couldn't do it well because you had personal interest, right?" Previously, Jo Jung Suk and Song Ji Hyo had also played the game as partners. Watch a bit of the game below: See also: Kim Jong Kook Can't Resist Shin Min Ah's Aegyo on "Running Man"

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